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    Smart and simple advice on how to navigate the aging process.

    Dementia, Relationships and Intimacy

    Learning to cope with the changes that a loved one experiences following the diagnosis of dementia can be a major stressor...

    Juggling Your Loved One’s Independence and Safety — at the Same Time

    Help your parents stay safe at home while maintaining their independence

    Are you feeling SAD? Learn more about Seasonal Affective Disorder!

    Winter months can be rough on most however, this is particularly true for older adults. With a decrease in sunlight and an increase in extreme cold weather, older adults are more at risk for falls and are more likely to be socially isolated in the colder months. Due to snowy and icy conditions, leaving home becomes more difficult and strenuous.

    Coping with Each Stage of Dementia

    Many people with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia can live at home for many years, especially in a household with support from family or private caregivers who can ensure their safety and take care of things like cooking and general household chores. Yet the behaviors that emerge when someone has dementia can frighten or offend people who have never been around someone with dementia or who are not adequately prepared beforehand.

    15 Reasons You Need to Try a Low Sodium Diet (and the Trick to Beating Those Salt Cravings)

    Did you know that you have five different taste receptors? They are salty, sweet, bitter, sour and umami (savory). The first two are the ones that can cause health concerns. Salty and sweet cravings can be easily triggered.

    What (Not) to Say After Your Parent’s Dementia Diagnosis

    Your loved one just heard three difficult words: “You have dementia.” Then your head starts swirling with a million questions.

    Slow Travel: The Senior's Guide to Seeing Australia

    Australia is a popular travel destination for many reasons. Not only does a trip to Australia let you escape to summer weather in the depths of winter, but as an English-speaking country, it's also an easy place for travellers from the US and Canada to get around.

    Simply Vital: 4 key take-aways on vital signs and the elderly

    Like every element of our health, vital signs are just one piece of a bigger puzzle. Taken alone, they’re stats. Considered together, they paint a picture of how we’re doing overall. That goes double for seniors.

    A little help from my friends:

    Encouraging social connections for seniors with dementia

    Caregiver Rx: A helping hand

    Myth-busting your way to getting the help caregivers need

    Bridging the gap: Which red flags should your family be watching for?

    It takes a village to raise a child. But having a strong support network is meaningful at every stage of life – including the senior years.

    Caregiver Rx: More than a question

    Asking your way to the right caregiving model

    Big picture view: 3 tips for differentiating between dementia and mental illness

    Aging isn’t always easy. Same goes for caregiving. Layer in the added complexity of dementia or mental illness, and small obstacles can become much bigger. What’s more, both of these health issues are increasingly common among Canadian seniors.

    Caregiver Rx: Six ways to nurture brain health and mental wellness

    A dementia diagnosis can transform many things. What doesn’t have to change is someone’s ability to live a meaningful life. Finding the right activities to weave into the daily or weekly routine of a senior with dementia is important.

    Caregiver Rx: 6 steps to a safer winter

    Aging isn’t always easy. Same goes for caregiving. Layer in the added complexity of dementia or mental illness, and small obstacles can become much bigger. What’s more, both of these health issues are increasingly common among Canadian seniors.

    Big picture view: Three tips for emotional wellness this winter

    Snow. Ice. Freezing rain. Winter brings a fresh wave of anxiety for caregivers worried about how the seniors in their lives will cope.

    Caregiver Rx: Taking doctor’s visits from good to great

    Knowledge is power, but that doesn’t make a conversation about Alzheimer’s disease any easier.

    Raising the red flag on Alzheimer’s disease

    Not all memory loss is created equal. Everyone forgets little things from time to time. But when those little things start to become consistent or pervasive, they might be a sign of something bigger.

    Big picture view: It’s February. So, we wrote a love letter to aging.

    It’s the month of love. Where we profess our feelings for one another through cards, flowers and chocolates. But wouldn’t it be great if we talked about self-love, too – especially loving and being kind to ourselves as we age?

    Caregiver Rx: Top tips for taking care of your ticker after 65

    Heart-shaped chocolate boxes. Fresh bouquets delivered right to your door. And… heart disease? With all eyes on Valentine’s Day this month, we tend to forget it’s also heart health month – and a wonderful time to show your cardiovascular system some love.

    5 steps to using tech well

    Seeing the upside of technology is one thing. Helping someone effectively embrace it is another. More and more, we’re seeing the ways that technology can help seniors maintain their independence and live at home longer.

    Housebound? Tech ideas for seniors

    COVID-19 has changed everything overnight – especially for seniors, who are disproportionately at risk. Even as we work hard to collectively flatten the curve, Québec’s gone one step further asking anyone over 70 to stay home unless absolutely necessary.

    Happiness isn’t cancelled

    Want some good news? You can help a senior travel the world, explore their passion or find a little joy even as they self-isolate to stay safe at home – all at the click of a mouse.

    Keep calm and clean on.

    Spring cleaning has new meaning this year - especially if you’re helping a high-risk senior stay safe at home.

    Big picture view: 3 Fitness finds for feeling well

    Exercise makes us happier. And let’s face it, everyone could use a little more happiness right about now.

    Caregiver Rx: 15-minutes to a better, calmer you

    We get it: self-care sounds like one more thing to get done. But for anyone balancing caregiving with social distancing, working from home, schooling little ones and other responsibilities – self-care’s not just a nice to have. It’s essential.

    Hitting the High Notes on Mood

    There’s science behind that instant mood boost we get when a favourite song comes through our ear buds or car speakers. Even more importantly: the benefits that music can bring extend well into our senior years.

    Take Care Plans From Good to Great

    Everyone has questions as we look towards a post-pandemic world. For seniors, that conversation is only just beginning. What should senior care look like now? And most importantly: how can we ensure it’s better?

    Bring in the drive-in

    Nothing says summer escape like a night at the movies, and that’s never been truer for seniors who may be feeling isolated in the face of COVID-19.

    Dementia at a social distance

    You know and we know: monitoring someone’s overall health has become even more complex as we collectively cope with COVID-19. That gap widens if you’re watching for red flags around Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia in someone you love right now.

    Why is my Power of Attorney no Longer Valid?

    In Quebec, once a bank or investment advisor is made aware of the incapacity of their client they stop honouring the Power of Attorney on file even if it has an incapacity clause. Read on to understand why and what to do about it.

    5 for 5: Core tenets of balanced care

    Holistic care is better care. Full stop. We all define ‘successful aging’ differently, but studies show: aging well means much more than simply being free from disease.

    Top 3 Tips for Crushing Loneliness Now

    Loneliness is hard to handle. It’s also bad for our health. More and more research links feeling lonely directly with impaired immunity – making those who experience loneliness less resistant to infection and disease.

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