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Families can stay involved with their loved-ones by checking in on them using Home Care Assistance’s online software. By logging onto our web-based portal called the “Family Room”, family members can see and hear real-time updates on their loved one’s daily care, check schedules, and view caregiver profiles. Our system makes it easy to stay connected – even over long distances. Reassuring your loved one that you will have complete access to their daily care records can help soothe nerves and fears.

Shift Updates

Below is an example of a daily care schedule with pictures of the caregivers, their clock-in and clock-out times, and voicemail status updates of the care they provided.

caregiving schedule home care montreal


The “Family Room” can also be used to keep up to date on your loved one's care schedule. You can even schedule events of your own, such as doctor appointments or family caregiving sessions. This ensures that your loved ones care schedule is always up-to-date and that above all they’re never left without the care they need.

weekly schedule for home care service

In conjunction with our Balanced Care Method and charting policies, the “Family Room” solidifies our commitment to open communication between caregivers, clients and family members. Providing the highest calibre of care is what we do.

In order to receive access to the “Family Room” you must provide an email address to your care manager and request an invitation. Should you have any questions, contact the office at 514-907-5065 for more details.

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