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    Hospital Care

    Being hospitalized for a medical procedure or illness can be a very stressful event for both the patient and their family. When an elderly patient is admitted to the hospital it can be even more difficult. Family members are often torn between busy schedules and needing to be at the hospital with their loved one. Home Care Assistance provides qualified caregivers who can stay with your loved one while they are at the hospital and act as the liaison between the patient, the medical team and the family. Having a caregiver present who is designated specifically for your loved one means that he/she feels reassured that someone is there at all times. This can reduce anxiety, lessen the load on the medical team and help the patient recover more quickly. Caregivers are there to support, encourage and assist the patient during a hospital stay, while providing peace of mind for family members.

    Post-Hospital Care - Avoiding Hospital Readmission

    After being discharged from the hospital, 35% of seniors are readmitted after only 90 days. This high readmission rate is often due to the patient not following the doctor's recommendations, medication instructions or not having a proper environment for recovery. Home Care Assistance can provide an optimal home environment to encourage a quick recovery based on the specific needs of the patient.

    Our caregivers can be present during a hospital stay, before a patient is discharged, so that they are fully aware of the patient's condition and what is needed to ensure a successful recovery.

    Recovery can be a lengthy and painful process. Whether your loved one returns to their home, an assisted living facility or a nursing home, our caregivers can be there to provide assistance 24 hours a day. Our caregivers are professionally trained and experienced in providing the best post-hospital care for seniors. With both hourly and Live-In care options, our services can accommodate whatever level of care is needed. We help our clients avoid readmission to the hospital and recover more quickly by making sure that they:

    • Follow the medication administration schedule provided by the doctor
    • Attend all follow-up appointments
    • Have an appropriate diet for their condition and participate in therapy exercises
    • Receive encouragement, support and companionship throughout the recovery process

    Post-Hospital Home Care: A Smoother Transition from Hospital to Home

    The flexibility of our services means that you get the care you need when you need it. Our caregivers are available anytime, anywhere. We know that hospital admissions and discharges are sometimes unexpected, so we can be there even on very short notice. Contact a Care Manager today at (514) 907-5065 to discuss a Hospital or Post-Hospital Care plan that can make hospital admission and post-hospital recovery a more relaxing experience.

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