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    Home Care Assistance was founded in Palo Alto, California in 2002 by husband and wife team Kathy and Jim Johnson. Today, the company has over 100 locations across the U.S. and Canada. Our Montreal office, located on Ste-Catherine Street in Westmount opened in 2006.
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    "We started Home Care Assistance after I had a difficult time finding care for my own parents. My father had a hip replacement, not long afterwards, my mother was also suffered an injury. They needed help quick, but I lived 5000 kilometers away. I found in-home-care through a local agency, but the caregiver was always arriving late, and switching shifts with friends. During one shift, the “caregiver” turned the volume up on the television so loudly that she didn't hear my parents who were calling for help.

    That was a defining moment, and what began as a crisis evolved into a solution for thousands of families across North America. In 2002 we founded HCA, a home care company that provides high-quality, consistent care for seniors.

    Home Care Assistance caregivers are all bonded and insured. Our caregivers receive the highest wages in the industry. This commitment to hiring excellent caregivers has helped Home Care Assistance become a leading provider of non-medical, in-home senior care.

    Home Care Assistance caregivers are screened and diligently trained to ensure the highest quality of care possible. We find the most highly skilled caregivers and expertly match them with the right clients to build long-term relationships. Our caregivers utilize our proprietary Balanced Care Method™ —a science-based approach to promoting healthy longevity, activity, stress reduction, and social interaction for older adults so that they can live their best possible lives in the comfort of home.

    With services tailored to the needs of homebound older adults, as well as services that help mobile older adults enhance their quality of life, we provide respite for family members.

    We have no contracts or commitments. Our services speak for themselves. Our schedules provide the flexibility to respond to our clients’ changing needs. More than 90% of older adults want to live in their own homes. We’re here to make sure that can happen."

    —Kathy N. Johnson, Ph.D., CMC, CEO and Co-Founder

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