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    Complete Care Management

    Our Home Care Assistance Concierge service provides the care support structure for your elderly parents to ensure their best quality of life.

    We take care of the day to day details for you, whether health or home related, leaving you with more quality time to spend connecting with your loved ones.

    Our caregivers our specifically trained for your family’s custom care needs. Our staff is continually supervised by our care management team to ensure the highest standards of care.

    Concierge Home Care Includes

    Health Care Management

    We liaise with physicians and other health-care professionals.

    Available 24/7

    Care management team dedicated to your family.

    Customized Support

    There's very little we can't do, you just have to ask!

    Cognitive Therapeutics

    Brain fitness program to delay cognitive decline.

    High Caliber Caregivers

    We only hire 1 in 25 applicants and provide ongoing supervision.

    A Trusted Partner

    We are a Preferred Provider for professionals in the community.

    Home Care in 90 Seconds

    Hospital to Home Care

    hospital to homecare bookLearn more about the discharge process and post-hospitalization care

    Cognitive Therapeutics

    Learn more about our innovative in-home Alzheimer/Dementia care program

    Experience Home Care Assistance

    Are you ready to get started?

    Home Care Assistance Montreal is ready to help you and your family. Contact us today for a FREE in-home consultation.

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