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    Sending thanks across the circle of care

    Words are hard to find these days. There are many, many things we want to say about the weight of what we’ve collectively endured; especially, the oldest among us. The more we talked as a team about how best to close out the year, the more certain we felt that this holiday message should absolutely be about one simple thing: the power of giving thanks.
    By Home Care Assistance - December 21, 2020

    Home Care Assistance is Changing the Way the World Ages. This is the latest installment of our “How To” series, where we lay out smart and easy-to-understand advice on navigating the aging process.

    The quote is familiar. We’ve heard it many times before: “The true measure of a society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.” Its impact, though, has never felt more poignant than in this moment, here and now.

    The way we show up for one another counts. We saw that time and time again this year, as the most vulnerable among us suffered disproportionately, and the pandemic surged on. From the fundamental challenge of staying in good health, to the epidemic of loneliness born of social distancing: our seniors have been on the frontlines of an unimaginable battle. And yet, they continue to inspire us with their relentless resilience.

    Our clients are our raison d’etre. They’ve always been the why behind our what, and the purpose that gives our work meaning. Today, they’re also the folks who inspire us to believe that next year will be a healthier, brighter year for us all.  

    That’s true, too, for the caregivers who make up our teams across the city. For the men and woman who are Home Care Assistance Montreal’s feet on the street, working to make things better for our clients in the face of overwhelming hurdles: we see you. We are thankful for each and every one of you.  

    For the families who are our allies on the complex journey of providing beloved parents and grandparents with the opportunity to age in the spirit of wellness: we’re in this with you. Thank you for making us your trusted partners. We are grateful.

    And, of course: for hope. Because if we’ve learned anything from the inspirational seniors who bring such meaning to our work and inspiration to our days, it’s that where there is hope, there exists the possibility of something better. Hope for a healthy new year; hope for a bright future; hope for challenges overcome and better days ahead. We are thankful for hope itself. 

    They say it takes a village to raise a child. We know it also takes a very special circle of care to ensure every individual is empowered to age safely and with the right support by their side. That means clients, caregivers and families working together, guiding one another and united in a common goal. 

    We are so very thankful to be a part of that circle, together with you. We’re honoured to play a part in caring for the parents, grandparents and great-grandparents who got us this far. Rest assured: you can count on us to get them to the other side of this, too. 

    Together, in thanks, from our family to yours: happy holidays, everyone. 

    The Home Care Assistance Family 

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