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    The Balanced Care Method™

    Because healthspan is as important as lifespan.

    There is no unique explanation as to why some people live so much healthier and more active years than others. There is a place where on average people live longer and healthier than any other place on Earth: Okinawa, Japan. Recently, scientists have studied this group of seniors to in order to learn why they live longer and more productive lives. Home Care Assistance Montreal has developed a proprietary and revolutionary approach to senior care based on these centenarian studies.

    The Balanced Care Method™ is based on the scientific studies of the extraordinarily long-living elders in the Okinawa region of Japan. Life spans of over 100 years are not unusual in Okinawa. More importantly, people in their 70's, 80's and beyond enjoy independence and incredible good health . Excellent mental awareness, physical health, and inner calm are common among the studied elders. The Balanced Care Method™ aims to capture the lifestyle factors that go towards creating such healthy and long-lived people. Its philosophy can be summed up in two words: moderation and variety.

    Components of Balanced Care Training include:

    Healthy Diet

    Physical Activity

    Sharp Minds

    Social Ties

    Calmness and Purpose

    The Balanced Care Method™ Promotes Smart Lifestyle Choices

    Diet: A high-fiber, low protein diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables is just the start when it comes to proven nutritional guidelines to promote good health. The Balanced Care Method™ encourages the healthiest possible diet while taking into account individual dietary preferences.

    Physical & Mental Activity: The more active people are, the more active - and healthier - they are likely to be in the future! Balanced Care Method™ caregivers know how to help seniors maintain fit bodies and sharp minds.

    Purpose & Calm: Maintaining social ties, being around other people, pursuing favorite hobbies or finding new interests are part of a meaningful life. Our caregivers are ready to provide companionship, transportation and peace of mind to help seniors live to their maximum potential at any age.

    Watch the CNN video below to learn more about the centenarians in Okinawa who inspired this movement.

    Continuous Training Program:

    Our continuous caregiver education program teaches the importance of exercise, nutrition, social ties, mental and spiritual health and how all these things can contribute to wellbeing and longevity for seniors and individuals of all ages. Our caregivers are trained in knowing what foods are beneficial to whom and at what times, dependent on client’s health, habit and goals.

    In addition, it is important for you to know that our all our caregivers must pass background checks, work authorization checks and our exclusive HCA psychological screening test. Home Care Assistance Montreal only employs the best caregivers in the area who have a passion for eldercare and are committed to our mission of providing seniors with the best care possible.

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