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Why is my Power of Attorney no Longer Valid?

In Quebec, once a bank or investment advisor is made aware of the incapacity of their client they stop honouring the Power of Attorney on file even if it has an incapacity clause. Read on to understand why and what to do about it.

Dementia, Relationships and Intimacy

Learning to cope with the changes that a loved one experiences following the diagnosis of dementia can be a major stressor...

Juggling Your Loved One’s Independence and Safety — at the Same Time

Help your parents stay safe at home while maintaining their independence

Are you feeling SAD? Learn more about Seasonal Affective Disorder!

Winter months can be rough on most however, this is particularly true for older adults. With a decrease in sunlight and an increase in extreme cold weather, older adults are more at risk for falls and are more likely to be socially isolated in the colder months. Due to snowy and icy conditions, leaving home becomes more difficult and strenuous.

Coping with Each Stage of Dementia

Many people with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia can live at home for many years, especially in a household with support from family or private caregivers who can ensure their safety and take care of things like cooking and general household chores. Yet the behaviors that emerge when someone has dementia can frighten or offend people who have never been around someone with dementia or who are not adequately prepared beforehand.

15 Reasons You Need to Try a Low Sodium Diet (and the Trick to Beating Those Salt Cravings)

Did you know that you have five different taste receptors? They are salty, sweet, bitter, sour and umami (savory). The first two are the ones that can cause health concerns. Salty and sweet cravings can be easily triggered.

What (Not) to Say After Your Parent’s Dementia Diagnosis

Your loved one just heard three difficult words: “You have dementia.” Then your head starts swirling with a million questions.

Slow Travel: The Senior's Guide to Seeing Australia

Australia is a popular travel destination for many reasons. Not only does a trip to Australia let you escape to summer weather in the depths of winter, but as an English-speaking country, it's also an easy place for travellers from the US and Canada to get around.

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