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    Care Diaries

    Heartfelt stories from Canadians about the reality of caring for an aging loved one.

    Living With Alzheimer's: A Journey Across Generations

    His diagnosis hasn't been easy. For us to see him like see his mind go has been really hard

    He's an Artist. A Musician. A Dreamer

    Before my mom died, we couldn’t really tell if there was anything other than normal aging happening to my Dad. Well, yes, but no… it was hard to tell at first because my Dad is so easy going. He never stressed about anything, he never complained.

    An Extraordinary Man

    He is a wonderful being, a dedicated and generous man. Everything he did had to be perfect.

    A Day in the Life of a Caregiver

    A very personal story written by our scheduler Amanda Steben-Allard, who prior to joining our office team worked as a caregiver.

    The 3rd Floor

    A very personal story written by our scheduler Amanda Steben-Allard, who prior to joining our office team worked as a caregiver.

    Help! Talking to your parents about home care

    It’s 5:30, you just left the office and know that your day is not over. In fact, it’s far from over. The kids have baseball and soccer practices, there is homework to help with, gym uniforms to be washed, and who knows what’s for supper. While you sort through the dinner options from what you think is in the fridge, your phone rings.

    Caregiver of the Month

    This month, we’re celebrating every caregiver who worked so hard to make 2020 a safer, better, happier year for our seniors.

    New vaccine, new hope for seniors

    For Miralda and Luigi, the waiting game is finally over. After 62 years of marriage—and 12 months locked down together at home—they’ll be among the first wave of the general public to be vaccinated against COVID-19 this month. Their relief, even over the phone line, is palpable.

    Feeling burned out? You’re not alone.

    At 62, Wendy* is burning out. Not yet retired, she pulls daily double duty between a full-time office manager job, and the evolving needs of her octogenarian parents. Even so, it’s not the exhaustion that gets her down, but rather: the guilt.

    Easy health checks to keep wellness on the up and up

    When Louis met his new family physician six weeks ago, his family was relieved. At nearly 87, he’s navigating the intricacies of diabetes, diminished hearing and vision issues. While his daughter keeps close tabs on his evolving medical needs, the pandemic itself has slowed some of the regularly scheduled appointments that Louis counts on annually.

    6 reasons seniors can get excited that spring has finally sprung

    Spring fever is real—and it’s not just for kids. Seniors who’ve been disproportionately isolated during the long, cold winter and pandemic waves have a lot to gain as the clock springs forward, and the seasons change.

    The why behind our what at Home Care Assistance

    Caregiving is a highly personal experience—especially with seniors. For Timothy Thomas, who heads up Home Care Assistance’s Canadian division, that premise has always been the driving force between the team’s presence in Montreal, and beyond.

    A senior’s guide to the perfect summer stroll

    At 78, Patricia has never walked more. What started years ago as an early-morning tradition with neighbours has evolved over time. She’s moved away from the old neighbourhood, to embrace condo living. But that hasn’t slowed down her walking routine.

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