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    Caregiver of the Month

    This month, we’re celebrating every caregiver who worked so hard to make 2020 a safer, better, happier year for our seniors.
    By Home Care Assistance - December 21, 2020

    To build hope for a bright new year ahead, we asked them to share their holiday wishes with you.

    From our team to yours, happy holidays!

    “My greatest wish for myself and my clients this coming year 2021 is that may both us and our families have a prosperous, healthy, safe and happy whole year ahead. I hope and pray that we will be able to get through this pandemic up until the end COVID-free, and may [my client] beat his condition with peace and joy in his heart.”

    • Joanne 

    “I’d like to use this opportunity to wish all my clients (seniors living outside and inside nursing homes) a Merry Christmas and good health, especially in this time of the pandemic. We are in it together and will get through it together in Jesus’ name, and my family, friends and HCA [leaders and staff] may the almighty God keep you safe. Love you all, please stay safe.”

    • Faith 

    “My wish for my clients and myself is to regain our pre-pandemic life in 2021, and have the freedom to hug without fear.”

    • Angela

    “I wish to continue to touch lives and provide more years of sweet memories, happiness and health to our elders.”

    • Merlita

    “Life is very hard and stressful (both mentally and physically) but beautiful, too. So stay strong, and be safe!”

    • Revelina 

    “My greatest wish to [my client] and her family is good health, full of happiness and love. For myself, my hope is to still be able to give a smile and hope to my client.”

    • Jennifer

    “I wish for my family not to contract COVID, and I hope my client has a long and peaceful new year.”

    • Irena

    “My wish for 2021 is to let go of what’s gone, be grateful for what remains, and look forward to what’s coming! Like I have been sharing with my clients: things may seem like mountains at times… little steps and God bless the breath we take! Let’s keep on smiling. Let’s keep on laughing. Sing to any tune for life is still beautiful and we are strong and most of all - we have each other!”

    • Domenica (Mia)

    “I wish  above all  that we prosper, be in good health, and in the coming year things go back to a new normal.”

    • Felicia

    “Unconditional, selfless and effective care. Putting my client first. Loving and taking pride in what I do and, above all, meeting the needs of my client.”

    • Aladin

    “I do not want  much for Christmas. Just the whole  world back to normal, and my family and friends healthy, happy, loved and full of prosperity.”

    • Rosaria

    “I wish for an abundance of blessings in the form of good health, peace and financial stability.”

    • Lisa

    “I hope that my motivation will bring happiness to these elders.”

    • Ginette

    “All I want for my client is I wish the pain she feels everyday will go away. I hope she can wear her beautiful smile again, like the way she smiled in her pictures before. She’s a great woman, she deserves to be happy. I also wish this pandemic will end soon, so all can enjoy breathing and smiling without the face mask.” 

    • Maria Brigida 

    “This year has been a very difficult one and by His grace we have managed until now. I wish the best to all clients and hope that next year 2021 will bring all of us some renewed hope. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a new year full of love.”

    • Esi

    “My great wish for myself and my client is long life, health, good care for my client and good communication. I wish my client a happy new year! Stay blessed.”

    • Samira

    “Seeing [my client] takes all the stress out of the holiday season. Thank you for filling my holidays with joy, and kindness. I wish only the best for you and your family for a memorable new year.” 

    • Karen S.

    “For myself and my fellow caregivers, I wish for strength and courage. For our clients, I wish for peace, joy and a sense of calm.”

    • Hugo

    “My greatest wish for me and my client is to be always safe and healthy. For me, for her and our both families.”

    • Karen P. 

    “In this Christmas pandemic time, I wish everyone will always see the brighter side in each chaotic and depressing situation that we are facing. I especially wish for my patients and co-healthcare workers to have the heart and faith to believe that this will end soon.” 

    • Cherry May

    “May [my client] be blessed with love, peace and happiness. My biggest wish for all of us is that we enjoy life. May we take the time to appreciate and cherish the small things. Be grateful for what is and not what can be. Find what makes you happy even if it is the simplest things. We can always find something to smile about. Happy holidays and may the new year be a happy one.”

    • Anne Maria 

    “I wish for good health in every possible way. For myself, I wish to live happily, offering my services to the world, because my vocation is truly part of my personality. For my clients, I wish for them to have good health – the greatest richness a person can have in their life. After all our seniors have done for the world and society, they need good nurses and doctors as well as competent caregivers to take care of them now.”

    • Yolande 

    “Nothing can replace the human touch, but now more than ever we need to maintain links with our seniors to ease their worries, and keep them from feeling isolated. Our clients’ presence among us is a vibrant testimony of determination and courage. They need our empathy, understanding, soothing tone of voice, displays of caring, smiles, and benevolence to overcome anxiety, and feel comforted. A song can console. Sharing memories about children and grand children contributes to wellbeing. Our Home Care Assistance Montreal caregivers want seniors to know they can count on us to be there for essential needs. Our humour, professionalism, authenticity and focus on their wellbeing is so important to us. We love our seniors, and we need them, too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021! Peace!”

    • Gertrude

    “My greatest wish is to provide more comfort and care to clients, and that my dreams will take flight in the new year. My greatest wish for my clients is for peace, joy and happiness in their life in 2021.”

    • Gurdev
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