Remaining Active After Retirement: How to Get Started

Vignon Guézo, Chief of the kinesiologist association at Physio Extra aines sur biciclette

Fun facts:

  • 50% of Quebecers aged between 60 and 80 are sedentary
  • 1/3 of people 65 and over fall each year
  • 1% of the these falls result in a fractured femur

Here are some suggestions on how to remain active

Physical exercise provides many benefits, such as the reduction of hypertension, stroke, diabetes, depression and more.

According to the World Health organisation, in order to regain an active lifestyle, it is recommended to engage in physical activity, at a moderate intensity, for 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week. Fast walking and cycling are great activities since they require a medium amount of effort and increases your heart rate. It’s also possible to spread out your exercise throughout the day. As long you reach the 30 minute threshold you will benefit from the positive effects of physical activity. For example, 10 minutes of fast walking three times per day, or even, 20 minutes the morning and 10 minutes the evening will provide the same results.

It is also important to adopt good daily habits, such as using the stairs instead of taking the elevator, spending less time watching television or using the computer. Alternatively, you could be benefiting by playing with your grandchildren, gardening, walking or pedalling when you want to go somewhere close.

Motivation is always a key factor when trying to increase your daily activity level. Don’t be scared to try new things that will make you move. Subscribe to a group activity, such as Nordic walking, aqua-gym or zoomba as you will feel more motivated when you see others engaging in the activities.

Even with a very busy lifestyle, it is important to invest in your health. Only 30 minutes of physical activity is a small price to pay for a lifetime of health benefits. If necessary, a health professional, such as a kinesiologist, or a physiotherapist, could certainly help you get started and guide you in restarting an active lifestyle and building a custom exercise plan. Give it a try!

Written by Marie-Claire Pharand Tourillon, trainee in kinesiology. Text revised and approved by Vignon Guézo, Chief of the kinesiologist association of Physio Extra – With a team of over 200 healthcare professionals distributed across a network of 13 clinics in the Greater Montreal area, Physio Extra is among the leaders in private rehabilitation in Quebec. You can book an appointment on their website or by calling 1 855 743-XTRA(9872).

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Note: This information is for informative purposes only. Always check with a medical professional.

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