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    Celebrating International Senior’s Day

    by: Corrina Masson, B.S.W & Care Manager

    On October 1st, we celebrate International Senior’s Day which is our opportunity to thank our parents and all seniors around us for their important contribution to society. It’s important to acknowledge and embrace the achievements from those around us and develop an awareness of the challenges that seniors face on a daily basis.

    national seniors day october 1st 2017

    Whether we realize it or not, seniors face discrimination in society. The terms is known as ageism. Ageism is the stereotyping and discrimination on the basis of someone’s age. Assuming that all older adults are in poor health, dependent or not as capable as younger generations, are just a few examples of the negative perceptions of aging and contribute to the challenges associated with ageism. International Senior’s day provides us with the opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of seniors and to celebrate their valuable role in our lives.

    How can you celebrate International Senior’s day with your loved ones?

    1. Go for a walk together. Many studies explore the positive effects of regular exercise for seniors. Engaging in an activity that promotes health and wellness has multiple benefits for brain health and muscle strength.
    2. Share old memories. Having a discussion about positive memories from the past is a special opportunity to connect with your parent. Looking at old pictures, watching a favourite movie and listening to music is a form of reminiscence therapy. This type of therapy can be described as the discussion and engagement of activities which focus on positive memories from the past. Sharing memories of their personal history not only connects you with your loved one, but can have positive benefits on their psychological well-being and feelings of accomplishment.
    3. Cook a meal together. Many seniors grew up in another country and practiced a different culture. The process of making a meal together provides the opportunity to learn about their own traditions from when they were a child. Cooking together is a special activity where you can learn from your family and share in these traditions.
    4. Celebrate with family! Take the time to acknowledge all the hard work and accomplishments that have happened over the years. It is a great chance to get together and celebrate with a meal or an activity.

    Taking the time to learn about your loved ones life history and achievements, creates the opportunity to break down the negative stereotypes surrounding aging. International Senior’s day is a special moment to celebrate accomplishments and remember the very important role that these special seniors play in society.

    Note: This article is for informative purposes only. Always check with a medical professional.

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