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    A Moment with Maria

    Maria Licoudis, R.N. & Care Manager at Home Care Assistance Montreal

    50 Shades of Care at Home Care Assistance - February 2015

    February and Valentines Day in particular gives us the opportunity to tell people how much we love and care about them. At Home Care Assistance, we, as caregivers, are proud to play many rolls in providing comfort, security, and fulfilling the needs of our senior clients and their families. We are also honored to be a part of a larger Home Care Assistance health care team, where we may network and assist each other in our mission to change the way the world ages.

    What Makes Us So Special?

    1. We help our clients live as normal a life as possible in their home for as long as possible.
    2. We touch not only our client's lives but also their family's lives with our kindness and care.
    3. Helping our clients achieve physical and psychological comfort.
    4. We are involved in the best and worst times.
    5. Our caring knows no boundaries.
    6. All our caregivers have a calling to improve the client's well-being and independence.
    7. We relish happy moments with our clients when their goals are achieved.
    8. Providing security and safety when our clients may be forgetful or scared.
    9. Our clients may ask the same questions over and over and we answer like it's the first time they asked.
    10. Thinking quickly and critically is a must.
    11. Planning our daily senior care needs and executing our care plan.
    12. We understand that every senior is different.
    13. Taking an active approach to care.
    14. Our learning is limitless with each new client.
    15. We work timelessly for those who are entrusted in our care.
    16. We wear many hats throughout the day.
    17. Dealing with life and death is part of our daily routine.
    18. Sharing our knowledge, learning, and teaching each other helps us grow.
    19. Bedside manner is our forte.
    20. Making our clients feel secure at all times.
    21. Listening is critical.
    22. We give of ourselves without expecting anything in return.
    23. We love our clients, care for them, and laugh with them.
    24. Encourage them to share their feelings.
    25. Enabling our seniors to maintain their lifestyle at home.
    26. We provide a variety of care and activities of daily living, hygiene, nutrition, transportation, companionship, fall prevention, etc.
    27. Round the clock, 24/7 care, safety, and monitoring.
    28. Continuity of care and family relief when the client is hospitalized. Reassurance that we are by their side during their hospital stay.
    29. Transition care from home to assisted living facilities.
    30. Accompanying our senior on a trip, or social outing.
    31. Incorporating our Balanced Care MethodTM, increasing longevity, activity, peace, nutrition and social interactions.
    32. Respite care to families and friends who need it.
    33. Promoting healthy mind, body and spiritual peace.
    34. Cognitive stimulation as cognition declines.
    35. Providing a stable daily routine, with our consistency of care.
    36. Helping family's deal with the challenges of dementia and Alzheimer's.
    37. Tailoring needs as needed to provide the highest quality care possible.
    38. Assisting in making cancer treatments more manageable.
    39. Companionship and mental support for our clients and their families.
    40. Engaging our clients in activities that interest them with the goal of increasing their quality of life.
    41. Providing the most successful post-hospital care to reduce re-admittance.
    42. When treatment is no longer possible, one on one palliative care in the comfort of our clients home brings peace of mind to the family.
    43. We deal with the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs daily.
    44. Encouraging sharing of feelings and validating them.
    45. Treating our clients and their families and friends as part of our family.
    46. Provide care without judging. We provide a warm smile and genuine empathy, with the respect and dignity they deserve.
    47. No matter the circumstances or challenges, our caregivers can always be relied upon to be professional.
    48. We communicate with our families on an ongoing basis, no matter where in the world they are. They need our support and reassurance.
    49. We learn about life and love every day, always using our knowledge to promote our clients wellness.
    50. To quote Florence Nightingale, "Live life when you have it. Life is a splendid gift - there is nothing small about it."

    Happy Valentines Day to all!!!

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