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    Why is personalized care better care?

    This month, we spoke with Maria Licoudis—a registered nurse, and Home Care Assistance Montreal Care Manager—to understand the benefits of this bespoke take on in-home senior care.
    By Home Care Assistance - July 6, 2021

    At Home Care Assistance Montreal, we know every client is unique. We’ve built our approach, and our Concierge Care model, to address the individual needs of each person we care for with a personalized approach that’s grounded in science, and backed by empathy. 

    This month, we spoke with Maria Licoudis—a registered nurse, and Home Care Assistance Montreal Care Manager—to understand the benefits of this bespoke take on in-home senior care. 

    What’s different about the Concierge Care your team offers?

    Maria: “It’s really all about creating a centralized approach to care. We become the overall coordinator for the family, connecting all the dots across the client’s day-to-day activities. That means we focus on communicating clearly and openly between the caregiver and the multidisciplinary team that supports each individual client. From physicians to physiotherapists to nutritionists, we become the single point of contact, making sure everyone supporting a given client is on the same page. That allows us to maintain a clear view of how a client is feeling and doing, and then keep family members totally up to date in real time. That’s been especially impactful during the pandemic, when health guidelines and travel restrictions kept so many family members apart.”

    Can you tell me about the care plans your team develops?

    Maria: “We start every client relationship by meeting with the family, and having a fulsome conversation about the individual we’ll be caring for. What are their specific needs? What does their typical day look like? What kinds of professionals will they be working with besides us? We cover all aspects of daily living from physical, cognitive and psycho-social factors down to the littlest things that often make the biggest difference. For instance, what interests them? What activities do they enjoy? From there, we create a plan and assign a caregiver on our team deemed to be the best possible match. From that point onwards, we manage the care plan centrally, bridging between our team, the other professionals and practitioners involved, and the family to ensure that it’s a totally connected process. Everyone involved has the information and the details they need to create the best possible life for the client. That reduces stress for the client, their family and the team.”

    Who is the ideal candidate for Concierge Care?

    Maria: “Clients that require more involved care usually make the best candidates for this concierge service. Anyone that requires 12 to 24-hour daily care would likely be a good fit. That would include seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, or families seeking palliative care support for a loved one. I’ve been with Home Care for seven years, and before that, I was head nurse at the palliative care centre for Mount Sinai Hospital. I can honestly say that clients who require heavy care do a lot better with this kind of concierge approach. Many of them are lonely or depressed and this coordinated way of working can really improve their quality of life. It’s important to have a routine, to have someone you can consistently count on. Through our concierge services, we offer clients that empathetic care while making sure the client’s family feels completely supported, and up to date.”

    Closing thoughts

    Different families require different levels of support. If you’re looking for well-rounded, in-home care that alleviates the burden of managing multiple professionals in real time, Concierge Care could be your best path forward.

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